Taizhou Rili Lifting & Lashing Co.,Ltd. located in Taizhou city in Jiangsu Province along the Yangtze River Industrial Development Zone Yong'an, directly along the highway, excellent geographical environment, transportation is very convenient, since 2001 the establishment of the rapid development, specializing in the production of flat loading zone, soft Hoisting Zone, complete sets of combination of rigging, tied belt, tighten, hardware accessories such as ribbon with different specifications of the products are widely used: military, aviation, space Lianjin, machinery, building materials projects, ports, transport and logistics, warehousing project , And other fields, calendar products, "Qi varieties, all specifications, quality distinctions, multi-colored" and other characteristics of the world, won the praise, at present, the Company has developed into a modern production, management, sales as one of the famous Sling with enterprises.

    The company continued to expand production, pay attention to technical innovation and new product research and development, strengthen internal management and consistent adherence to the "quality first, customers first, services to gifted, integrity first," the purpose of cost-effective products to meet the world The growing market demand, product quality is steady, reliable reputation, the customer has a good reputation in. 

    Calendar companies in a brand-name quality, scientific management of the effectiveness of a concept for the development of an efficient quality objectives, the most sincerely for your manufacturing quality products to the most reasonable prices most of the intentions of the global customer service and sincere cooperation, create brilliant !